Mystique Feminine Wipes

is Developed by a Gynecologist, it contains natural ingredients that instantly clean and neutralize unwanted bad vaginal odors. Our feminine wipes are made for vaginal odor treatment and will get rid of vaginal odor. Instead of masking the odors mystique feminine wipes neutralize the odor causing factors giving you a lasting freshness. Convenient to use during travel or anytime you need to feel confident. Mystique Feminine Wipes are unique and are not ordinary wipes. In fact there is nothing like it. Mystique Feminine Wipes are the only wipes that instantaneously clean and neutralize the odor causing agents and do not contain any fragrance masking the odor. With it’s new patent pending technology Mystique Feminine Wipes solve the problem at its root providing a lasting freshness with more confidence. This unique technology developed by a Gynecologist after decades of research provides a synergistic effect resulting in a dramatic relief during feminine hygiene applications. Mystique Feminine Wipes are easy to carry and can be discretely used anywhere, anytime instantaneously cleaning and eliminating odors.